Accesible Alternative House Building MaterialAgricultural & Forestry EffluentsAgro Foresty System
Air-Borne PollutantsAltered Fire RegimeAltered Hyrdological Regime
Alternative CropsAlternative Energy SourcesAlternative Fishing Equipment
Alternative Fuel SourcesAlternative Fuel VehiclesAlternative Fuel Wood Plots
Alternative Mining EquipmentAlternative Protein SourcesAnnual & Perennial Non-Timber Crops
Artificial ReefsAvalanches/LandslidesBio-pesticides
BiofuelBiogasChemicals & Toxins
Climate VariabilityCommercial & Industrial AreasCommercial & Industrial Development
Community Clearing Exercises / ReportingCommunity Fire BrigadesCommunity Medicinal Gardens
CompostingComposting ToiletsControlled Culling
Crop Diversification and RotationCrop RotationDams & Water Management/Use
DroughtsEarth PressEarthquakes/Tsunamis
Enhanced Knowledge on Coral Reef EcosystemEradicationExcess Energy
Farms & PlantationsFire & Fire SuppressionFish Aggregating Devices
Fish PondsFishing & Harvesting Aquatic ResourcesFlight Paths
Game RanchingGarbage & Solid WasteGathering
Gathering Terrestrial PlantsGeothermal EnergyGrazing & Ranching
Green Construction MethodsGreenhouse GassesHabitat Shifting & Alteration
Household Sewage & Urban Waste WaterHousing & Urban AreasHousing & Urban Development
Human-Powered Recreation & WorkHunting, Trapping, & FishingHunting & Collecting Terrestrial Animals
Improved Access to WaterImproved Agricultural TechniquesImproved Charcoal Production Techniques
Improved Traditional Diving Technique and GearIncome SubstitutionIndustrial & Military Effluents
Introduced Genetic MaterialInvasive Non-Native/Alien SpeciesInvasive Species
Irrigation & Water PumpsIrrigation (water pumps) & TerracingLand Tenure & Land Rights
Land Tenure & Land Rights (access)Land Use PlanningLaw Enforcement
LegislationLight PollutionLiquid Biofuel
LivestockLivestock Farming & RanchingLogging
Logging & Wood HarvestingMain PageMangrove for Charcoal
Marine & Freshwater AquacultureMass TransitMicrofinance
Military ActivitiesMiningMining & Quarrying
Motor-Powered Recreation & WorkNatural PredatorNatural System Modifications
Nutrient LoadsOil & Gas DrillingOpen Seasons
Other Ecosystem ModificationsProblematic Native SpeciesProtected Area Status & Buffer Zones
Provision of Trash CollectionsPublic Use PlanningPuget Sound Prairie butterflies conservation
Radioactive MaterialsRailroadsRecreation Areas
Recreational ActivitiesRecyclingReforestation
RegulationsRenewable EnergyReserve Establishment
RoadsRoads & RailroadsSalt
Scientific ResearchSeptic Tank SystemsShipping Lanes
Solar EnergySolar StovesSolid Biomass
Solid WasteSonic PollutionSpecies Hybridization
Storms & FloodingSustainable Fishing TechniquesSustainable Forestry
Sustainable Land Clearing TechniquesTax IncentivesTemperature Extremes
Thermal PollutionTigerTourism & Recreation Areas
Trach CompactingTraining in Alternative Hunting TechniquesTraining in Fire Control and Suppresion
Trash CompactingUtility & Service LinesUtility Lines
VolcanoesWar, Civil Unrest & Military ExercisesWaste & Residual Materials
Water PowerWater RightsWild & Scenic River Designation
Wind EnergyWood & Pulp PlantationsWork & Other Activities
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