Threat: Hunting & Collecting Terrestrial AnimalsEdit

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Killing or trapping terrestrial wild animals or animal products for commercial, recreation, subsistence, research or cultural purposes, or for control/persecution reasons; includes accidental mortality/bycatch. Examples include bushmeat hunting, trophy hunting of lions, beaver trapping, butterfly collecting, honey or bird nest hunting, wolf control, pest control, and persecution of snakes because of superstition.

This category focuses on animals that primarily live in a terrestrial environment. There are obviously some species that live on the terrestrial/aquatic boundary. Hunting otters, beavers, amphibians, polar bears, penguins, waterfowl, and sea birds should (somewhat arbitrarily) go here. Hunting seals, whales and other marine mammals, and freshwater and marine turtles go in Fishing & Harvesting Aquatic Resources. Yes, most people "gather" honey, eggs, or insects or other slow moving targets, rather than "hunt" them. But it seems cleaner to keep all animal products as being hunted. (CMP)

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